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Follow us on Twitter: Romelu Lukaku has transformed from a figure of ridicule in the Premier League (especially at Manchester United) to one of the very best strikers in the league in Serie A. The Belgian has improved his game in every aspect and has become a player who can compete with the likes of Robert Lewandowski, Erling Haaland and Harry Kane. This video takes a look at his evolution over the past 2 years at Inter under coach Antonio Conte, with a prediction about how he could eventually fit in at clubs like Chelsea and Manchester City. Timestamps: 00:00:00 Introduction 00:00:48 Record at Inter 00:03:05 Strengths 00:08:25 Weaknesses 00:09:28 Future clubs 00:10:01 Manchester City? 00:11:20 Chelsea? 00:12:38 Summary You'll also enjoy our: Erling Haaland Analysis: Transcript: Romelu Lukaku is set to follow in the footsteps of legendary strikes like Ronaldo, Adriano, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Diego Milito in leading Inter Milan to the Serie A title after 11 long years. The man who is often unfairly remembered for his difficult spell at Manchester United has been the driving force behind Inter’s rise to the top of Italy. There are three standout aspects in Romelu Lukaku’s game. The man who has been dubbed a “gentle giant” by his manager Antonio Conte has powered his team with an incredible mix of skill, intelligence, physical ability and the ability to perform in close games. In this video we will look at Lukaku’s incredible transformation from a figure of ridicule in England to one of the world’s very best strikers in Italy. Lukaku has always been a prolific goal scorer at every club except Manchester United but even by his lofty standards, his record at Inter is truly staggering. Playing for a team that focuses on defense first, Lukaku leads the league for the most goal contributions this season over some world-class players. Not only does Lukaku score a lot of goals, he creates them too. He ranks 2nd in the Serie A scoring charts and 1st for assists. Lukaku’s achievements this season should not take away any attention from his performances in the 2019-20 campaign. From the time he joined Inter, Lukaku ranks third among Serie A players for total goal contributions. This becomes even more impressive when you notice the type of players around him – the likes of Ronaldo, Immobile and Zapata all play for offensively minded teams while Lukaku often has to carry the attacking burden all by himself. If Lukaku is this good while playing for a team that is not geared towards attacking, you can only imagine how good he will be if he plays for a dominant team like Bayern Munich or Manchester City. While Lukaku was often unfairly criticized as a stat-padder and a flat-track bully in England, there can be no such criticisms leveled at him at Inter. Most of his goals are scored when the game is level or when Inter are trailing. Every time Inter have needed someone to stand up and deliver, it has inevitably been one man – Lukaku. Almost half of Lukaku’s goals have given Inter the lead while another 15% have been equalizers. Put together, close to 70% of Lukaku’s goals have directly influenced Inter’s results. Another 18% of his goals have resulted in extending a one-goal lead to two and to cement winning positions, an often-overlooked statistic when judging the impact of goals. All said and done, only 15% of his goals have been stat-boosting, a remarkably low tally for a top striker. Data: Goals to give the lead – 13 (48.1%) Goals to equalize – 4 (14.8%) Goals to cut down a lead – 1 (3.7%) Goals to extend a 1 goal lead – 5 (18.5%) Goals to extend a 2+ goals lead - 4 (14.8%) Lukaku’s ability to handle the big games was often criticized in England and perhaps rightly so. It is a mark of his development in Italy that he has now firmly established himself as the man for the big occasions. Lukaku has 6 goals this season against teams in the top 6, bagging a brace against Lazio while also scoring match-winner against Napoli. His best, however, has been saved for Inter’s cross-town rivals Milan. He has 3 goals in 3 games against them this season, including a thumping solo goal in the most recent derby. His Champions League record is nothing to scoff at either, with Borussia Monchengladbach at the receiving end of two braces in the group stages. At this point in his career, Lukaku can no-longer be called a flat-track bully. All rights belong to their respective owners and there is no copyright infringement intended. Clips are used with fair use in mind and have been used for educative purposes.

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