Pittsburgh Pirates

The Game that Changed Baseball 0    0

On September 1, 1971 the Pirates proudly became the first MLB team to field a lineup made up of all minority players.

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Meet our Pirates Dads 0    0

We have a bunch of new dads in the clubhouse and some veterans they rely on for advice.

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Building Bridges | Kinza Baad 0    0

“We need to recognize right now the pain and suffering that our Black brothers and sisters are currently facing.

Moira Milling 218 views

The Grind | Episode 1: Trevor Williams 0    0

Jameson Taillon combines his love of coffee and conversation to host The Grind, a unique sit down with his teammates and coaches.

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Building Bridges | Kevin Young 0    0

"We need to open up our eyes to see that we can do more together.

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The Grind | Episode 2: Joe Musgrove 0    0

On this episode of The Grind, Jameson Taillon sits down with Joe Musgrove to talk about Pittsburgh, the Musgrove family coffee shop and more.

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The Grind | Episode 3: Steven Brault 0    0

Jameson Taillon hosts another episode of The Grind! This week Jamo sits down with Steven Brault to talk about Broadway, baseball and of course, coffee.

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The Grind | Episode 4: Josh Bell 0    0

On this episode of The Grind, Jameson Taillon sits down with Josh Bell to talk about living in Pittsburgh, Bell's book club and more.

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The Grind | Episode 5: Derek Shelton 0    0

Jameson Taillon sits down with Pirates skipper Derek Shelton to talk about Pittsburgh, their careers and more in this episode of The Grind.

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