???? Emre Can & Julian Brandt be Like ????‍♂️ 0    0

Emre Can and Julian Brandt showed the exatcly same run-up at a penalty! Have you ever seen anything like this before? ???? #shorts ► Sub now: https://redirect.

Lanora Tarleton 12 views

Who Will Be Germany's Best Fifa Player? - VBL Grand Final by... 0    0

Get ready for the VBL Grand Final by Bevestor on June 4th and 5th! 32 Players, one title and an enormous prize pool of 100.

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Top 10 Goals of the 2021/22 Season 0    0

Vote for the best Goal of the 2021/22 season! ► Sub now: https://redirect.

Chance Dumbleto... 8 views

Borussia Dortmund Sign Turkey International 0    0

Borussia Dortmund find the perfect leader for their midfield! ► Sub now: https://redirect.

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Manuel NEUER is Not Just a Goalkeeper ???????? 0    0

Is Manuel Neuer also magician? How is this possible? ???? #shorts ► Sub now: https://redirect.

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Manuel "The Wall" Neuer • 16 Seasons - 16 Saves 0    0

Manuel Neuer the living Bundesliga legend has extended his contract with FC Bayern München and will stay till 2024.

Charlotte Leigh... 3 views

Nkunku playing FIFA with Defenders!? ???? 0    0

RB Leipzig's Christopher Nkunku makes the BVB defenders look like fools when he dribbles past them.

Rebekah Phalen 17 views

Mainz Keeper Thinks Penalty Spot is the Ball ???? 0    0

Mainz 05 keeper Robin Zentner seemingly got confused when he thought the penalty spot is the ball.

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Kevin Trapp ???? Magical Skills & Saves ???? 0    0

The Best of Eintracht Frankfurt's Europa League Hero ► Sub now: https://redirect.

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